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Making the Most of Your Switcher Investment
It's best for system designers to consider clients' precise presentation needs before choosing a switcher solution, according to Atlona.
Selecting Presentation Switchers
Matrix switcher solutions for commercial applications.
Jumping on the ‘Light Broadcasting’ Bandwagon
With countless applications across all markets, integration firms ought to be reacting to demand for video production and distribution.
CI Premium: An Integrator’s Guide to Lending and Financing
Although the lending environment has improved, integrators are still struggling to find sources to give them money, and that could lead to more consolidation.
CI Premium: Diversifying Stadium Revenue Opportunities Through Integrated AV
Sports venues need constant availability to pay their steeper rents, and AV is helping to transform every inch of them into alternate-event revenue machines.
Changes in Workplace Design Equal New Revenue
Code adoption and an office cultural shift toward collaborative environments, create demand for integrated mass notification emergency communication and sound masking solutions.
5 Ways to Profit While Saving Clients’ Money on Utilities
How integrators can leverage power management, lighting control, HVAC, uninterruptable power supplies and room management systems increase revenue while offering customers solid ROI.
CI Premium: 3 Firms That Successfully Sell Service
Some integration firms are finding success in the challenging fight to earn more revenue from services versus products. Learn what they’re doing right.
Campuses Banking on Emergency Notification, Upgrades
A survey from CI sister publication Campus Safety shows that one in two campus protection professionals say their institutions plan on or are considering deploying new/upgraded emergency alert solutions in the next year.
CI Premium: To Stream or Not To Stream
It’s a question houses of worship are asking themselves a lot lately, debating the merits of today’s technology vs. the intimidation and cost factors.
Technology Brief on Control Rooms
With many different video wall display options available, it can be a challenge to choose the right components. This paper will provide a guide for tech­nol­ogy and product selection.
The Voice: How to Design Emergency Communication Systems with Announcements
With NFPA 72’s speech intelligibility requirements in mind, here are considerations for designing an emergency communications system (ECS) with voice announcements.

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How these controllers provide security support to enterprise.

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