Go Inside a Doomsday Survival Luxury Condo
In this first edition of Flashback Friday, go deep within a 1960s missile silo to this doomsday-ready condo community complete with audio, video and iPad-friendly Crestron automation.


September 19, 2014 By Tom LeBlanc

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Commercial Integrator’s first edition of Flashback Friday. One year ago, we took you inside this doomsday survival luxury condo, complete with all the necessities… and more than a couple perks.

Water? Check.

Five-year supply of food? Check.

Home theater? Check.

When developers decided to convert an underground 1960s intercontinental ballistic missile site into a doomsday-ready condo community, they tried to think of everything.

The turnkey luxury condos may be located down to 175 feet below earth level at a remote North Central Kansas location, but they don’t lack amenities such as Subzero appliances and iPad-friendly Crestron automation, designed and installed by Logic Integration.

In the event of a catastrophe, there’s no telling how long unit owners would have to live inside the self-contained community, figures developer Larry Hall. So he includes a pool, a fitness center, 25,000 gallons of renewable water, green energy sources, waste treatment, a Logic Integration designed community theater and a slew of technology.

Photos: Inside the Doomsday Luxury Condo

There is demand for luxury living in a secure, post-disaster environment, according to Hall, owner of one of the condos. The developer converted the silo into 15 floors with 10 residential units—a $10 million project, he says. Hall asks $2 million for four units that are approximately 1,800 square feet and $1 million for six 900-square-foot units.

For Logic Integration, a $4 million integration firm that does about 75 percent of its business with commercial clients and 25 percent in the residential market, it was about as unique a project as is imaginable.

The Lone Tree, Colo.-based integrator sent a team, led by senior project manager Tommy Nix, to the Kansas location. Once they lugged equipped down a 175-foot concrete bunker (yes, there’s an elevator), however, it was business as usual says VP of business development Bill Craig.

Each condo is fully integrated with a Crestron whole-house A/V system, secure wired and wireless network system, Samsung flat-panel TVs, Crestron lighting control and a Crestron intercom system.

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One out-of-the-ordinary touch, Craig adds, is the use of LCD screens that function as underground windows. Condo owners get to choose what they’d like to view—beach, forest, for instance—when they gaze into their faux windows. Not only that, adds Nix, residents can use these virtual windows to see where they are in the above-ground world via live high-definition 1080p north, south, east and west camera feeds.

Beyond the in-unit solutions, Logic Integration also designed and installed much of the technology for the public spaces which include a library, interactive classroom, marketplace, bar, pool, arcade, control room and community home theater.

The major components of the approximately $1 million system integration, according to Logic Integration, include:

  • Crestron Digital Media distribution
  • Crestron TSW-750 panels with intercom
  • Crestron iPad integration
  • Crestron Sonnex audio distribution
  • Crestron lighting control
  • Samsung LED displays
  • 17 Kaleidescape players with centralized distribution
  • Digital Projection 1080p LED projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen screens
  • 17 Cinematech theater seats
  • Planar security video wall
  • Full surveillance system

If you’re going to be stuck somewhere off the grid for an extended period of time, you could do worse than what Hall calls Luxury Survival Condos.


Photos: Inside a Doomsday-Ready High-Tech Condo Community

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