The Evolution of Media: Why It Matters to the Industry

AV Nation’s Tim Albright and Chris Neto and CI editors Tom LeBlanc and Craig MacCormack discuss how the media has changed over the years and why audiences are benefiting from that change.

Tom LeBlanc

When gardeners get together, they talk about gardening. When mechanics get together, they probably talk about cars.

Well, when AV integration industry media folks get together, they apparently talk about trade journalism. Tim Albright and Chris Neto of AV Nation paid a visit to Commercial Integrator, and while grabbing drinks at a nearby pub they discussed how media continues to evolve. 

It wasn’t that long ago that being a trade journalist meant filling a monthly magazine with content relevant to readers and success was tied to subscriber numbers and advertising dollars. Things have changed and the audience is benefiting.

New platforms like Snapchat, Periscope—and as Albright says, things we don’t even know about yet—are improving the way information is delivered, audiences are engaged and success is measured.

Check out the conversation between AV Nation and CI:

AVNation A talk with peers from EH Media on Vimeo.

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