Leviton Decora Wi-Fi Lighting Control Targets Homes But We Think You Should Take a Look

Leviton’s Wi-Fi lighting automation solution with voice control, Amzon Echo compatibility, scheduling and remote access, Decora Smart, allows homeowners (and B2B customers) to control lights from anywhere.

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Leviton Decora Wi-Fi Lighting Control Targets Homes But We Think You Should Take a Look

Leviton's Decora Smart with Wi-Fi technology leverages Amazon Echo for ease of lighting control.

We refuse to accept that commercial integration firms aren’t interested in solving their customers’ lighting control needs, particularly via Wi-Fi lighting.

After all, an industry that effectively focuses on improving their customers’ work and learning environments must want to help them easily control light.

Take Crestron, for example. It usually has a pretty good sense of the commercial market and it recently launched its Zūm wireless lighting control, which includes dimmers, switchers, sensors and more.

As such, integrators should take note that Leviton has announced the release of what it calls “a ground-breaking hubless home automation solution.” Yes, it’s targeting residential automation but Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology offers remote access, app-based scheduling and voice control.

Your B2B customers don’t want that?

Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology - Products

Leviton’s “hubless” automation solution, Decora Smart with Wi-Fi technology offers remote access, app-based scheduling and voice control, plus the My Leviton app.

More from Leviton’s Decora Smart Press Release:

The new product family simplifies home lighting control from anywhere by automating interior and exterior lights using the free My Leviton app. The devices can also be connected to Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or Alexa-embedded products, like the Nucleus touchscreen intercom, to provide voice control through commands such as “Alexa, turn living room lamp to 33%.” The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology product family includes both 600W and 1000W in-wall dimmers and 15 Amp switches that are all multi-way capable, as well as plug-in outlets and plug-in dimmers.

Leviton devices are connected to a home’s Wi-Fi network as well as to Amazon Alexa-enabled products via the My Leviton app. In the app, users can easily add a new home, device, room, activity or schedule at any time from an iOS or Android device. Users can also create schedules and activities based on specific times or events. For example, “Outside Lights On,” can illuminate a front porch light every night at sunset, and “All Lights Off,” can make bedtime considerably easier, especially for older residents and multi-level residences. Advanced settings are also available to adjust fade rates, brightness levels, bulb types and more, to precisely customize the right ambiance for every room.

“The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology product line is a revolutionary innovation that brings affordable automation to the masses,” said Richard Westfall, Vice President and General Manager of Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation. “With nothing more than a new Leviton device, your Wi-Fi network and a smartphone, homeowners can have a smart home with remote access, scheduling and voice control. Add multi-way capability, advanced technology for low wattage bulbs, plus multiple color options and wallplates to the offering – and this is the most complete and advanced IoT lighting control on the market.”

The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology devices support LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs and have also been engineered for compatibility with sensitive low-wattage LED bulbs. With standard dimmers, these bulbs can glow even after lights are turned off, but the new compatibility feature will eliminate this in most bulbs, so off really means off. All Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology devices are supported by an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.

In addition to advanced functionality and compatibility features, the product line features the new in-wall Decora Smart aesthetic. The dimmer hardware features a dim/bright bar placed vertically alongside the on/off rocker paddle while the vanishing LEDs on the left side of the paddle show current and target light levels with real-time feedback. Both white and light almond faceplates are included with the in-wall devices, and color change kits are available in black, red, ivory, gray and brown.

Optional screwless Decora® wallplates are also available to ensure a sleek, matching appearance with existing Decora dimmers and switches in a home. The following products in the Decora Smart™ with Wi-Fi Product Family are now available for sale in all channels: DW1KD Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology 1000W Dimmer, DW6HD Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology 600W Dimmer, DW15S Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology 15 Amp Switch, DW3HL Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology Plug-In Dimmer and the DW15A Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology Plug-In Outlet.

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