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Visix, Inc. AxisTV v.8.2 Digital Signage Software

Visix’s award-winning AxisTV Digital Signage Software has a proven track-record as an intuitive, powerful enterprise content management system. With the release of version 8.2, Visix has taken it to a new level with the addition of animated layout backgrounds, hot spots and full-screen kiosk support.

BrightSign XD1230 Digital Signage Player

BrightSign’s XD digital signage players are the industry’s first solid-state players with PC-class performance. They’re just as capable as PC-based solutions, yet they cost less (priced from $450), are more reliable (99.9% uptime) and consume less energy (one tenth the energy).

LG Electronics LG’s 55LN549E EzSign TV

The LG LN549E EzSign TV is an innovation in digital signage that allows custom advertisements and information on the same screen as television content. With EzSign TV, business owners can attract attention and deliver specific messaging to their customer base without the need for additional hardware.

NanoLumens NanoSlim DS Display

The NanoSlim DS provides the ultimate digital signage solution for the most discerning clientele.  NanoLumens has developed a patented display manufacturing process to build digital solutions to your unique project design specifications in any size or shape; opening a whole new world of possibilities for utilizing large-format LED…

Samsung Electronics America Smart Signage Platform

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform is an integrated, open-source platform built around an embedded media player and software developer kit (SDK). It is designed to simplify the digital signage deployment process, while facilitating the growth of a new application ecosystem with leading software developers and content providers.

X2O Media X2O Remote Expert

The Remote Expert interactive video chat application on the X2O visual communications platform enables customers to engage in real-time video conference calls with customer service agents, directly from touchscreen displays. Perfect for retail, banking, and healthcare settings, the application augments the customer experience and facilitates…

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