8 Irish Bars In Desperate Need of a Tech Upgrade for St. Patrick’s Day

From outdated TVs to speakers that look like they should be plugged into a computer, these Irish bars haven’t updated their tech in years. It’s time for an upgrade for St. Paddy’s Day.

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8 Irish Bars In Desperate Need of a Tech Upgrade for St. Patrick’s Day

The Auld Dubliner in Lake Tahoe, Calif. has a TV behind that bar that might not even produce color images.

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Looking to go to a great Irish bar with a fun atmosphere and a good audio and video experience this St. Patrick’s Day? Good luck.

Irish bars aren’t typically known for being super sleek and high-tech, given that many are designed to mimic traditional Irish bars from the homeland.

However, we came across a few Irish pubs that did incorporate some tech into their atmosphere, but from the looks of it, haven’t upgraded these technologies in years (or even decades!).

If you’re looking to hit some Irish pubs with an authentic feel this St. Patrick’s Day, most of the bars on our list will make the cut. Just don’t expect to have a great view of the TV, or anyone, for that matter, given the outdated lighting and displays these taverns feature.

Click through the slideshow to see just how badly these Irish pubs are in need of a tech upgrade.

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  • Erich Friend says:

    Or . . . you could notice that people are actually interacting with each-other without the need to stare at their phone or a TV screen. Wow! What an incredible concept for a social meeting place!

  • VJ says:

    Gosh, that looks like a very cool place to set and have a beer with a friend and just hangout. Who needs 30 screens in your face? time and place for electronics. I agree with Erich, let’s be social and interact like humans.

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