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Why Twitter Makes Your Employees More Productive
You cannot ignore the importance of building a social network. Good news is, it's easier now than ever.

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Meet the New Editor of TechDecisions: Me
How (with your help) CI will build connections and spur dialog between integrators, consultants...
Elusive Service Revenue: The Key to Sustaining Success
It was clear at 2014 NSCA BLC that integration firms understand how important the service...
5 Tips for Creating Unparalleled Customer Experiences
All companies claim that customer support is a top priority, but how many are...

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How to Transition Existing Clients to Services
To begin positioning managed services to your customers, speak to pain points.

Adapting Your Sales Strategy for Service Revenue
Learn to rethink value and differentiation, fine tune your sales pitch, and adjust your compensation plan for the transition to a service-based business model.

Are We There Yet? Ask Your Salespeople
If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to push quality over quantity throughout your sales process and rethink the path to a project’s success.

Is Content the New Sales Call?
You've heard it before: content marketing beats the pants off of advertising. Now Google has more evidence of this phenomenon.

How GDP Shrinkage Affects an Integrator Like Me
What might have caused the shrinking GDP... and can you use it to your advantage?

How to Speak HDMI, HDBaseT and Cat 5 to Clients
Integrators share connectivity sales tips for HDMI, HDBaseT, Cat 5 and more.

InfoComm Acting on Strategic Plan
Officials are making progress in workforce development, international expansion, and creating exceptional experiences.

Meet the New Editor of TechDecisions: Me
How (with your help) CI will build connections and spur dialog between integrators, consultants and their prospective customers.

Dan Newman to Present ‘New Rules of Customer Engagement’ at NSCA Event
The author and CI columnist outlines the integration sales evolution explored in his latest book during NSCA's Integration Business Survival Conference.

Live at NSCA BLC Podcast: Service with a Smile
Industry insiders talk about why they attend the annual event and hurdles they face in integration space.

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Casey - another great project! 

Your design and implementation came out a amazing!

Posted by Chanan Averbuch on 2014 07 10 · commented on
'Getting 'Serious' About Boa Lounge Upgrade'.

The question is, will Microsoft join Microsoft at Inforcomm 2015?

Posted by Richard McLeland-Wieser on 2014 06 29 · commented on
'Will Apple Join Microsoft, Google for InfoComm 2015?'.

VFI was a huge winner at Infocomm, with our newly introduced line of Electric lift furniture.  I have…

Posted by Mike Skinner on 2014 06 27 · commented on
'Who Won, Who Lost InfoComm 2014?'.

I agree with Jay, very disappointing.  MS really wasn’t there.  I had hope to speak to a rep…

Posted by Sound Emperor on 2014 06 24 · commented on
'UPDATED: Go Inside Microsoft's Exhibit Booth at InfoComm 2014'.