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How Integrators Can Win Back The Projector Lamp Business
While projectors are no longer the display technology they once were, there are various opportunities for integrators to make money through this technology by offering replacement lamps to end users still utilizing lamp-based projectors.

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Furniture Dealer Adds AV, Wins Projects Before You Know They Exist
After adding AV three years ago, high-end B2B furniture dealer Intereum uses its...
2016 CI: State of the Industry Report
The AV integration industry has settled into slow-and-steady growth but those that don’t...
6 Ways To Go ‘Old School Retail’ This Season
Integrators with private appointment-only showrooms should consider opening on Black Friday or Small Business...

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Diversification: The Key to Commercial Integration Survival in 2021
According to Jim Hatcher, CTO of Human Circuit, consolidation in the industry without diversification will simply create an extended relay race toward "Integration Terminus".

Solutions Providers of the Future: Keep Your Eyes Focused on User Experience
Better experience makes technology the enabler of better outcomes, and according to Dale Bottcher of AVI-SPL, that will still be the case five years from now.

Future AV Integrators: Why You Will Need to Retain Your ‘Go-To’ Status
With technology options so varied and changing so rapidly, Brad Grimes, director of communications for InfoComm International, says integrators will become even greater solution providers in five years than they are today.

Why Successfully Incorporating a Recurring Revenue Model Takes a Gutsy Approach
Creating several programs that include ‘worry free’ services like extended warranties, service calls, system upgrades, and tune-ups is a great start, but how a company offers these services can make all the difference in its annual revenue income stream.

CI Insight: Manufacturers Are Diversifying Their Product Offerings, But Why?
Tom LeBlanc, Craig MacCormack and Rachel Quetti sit down to discuss why manufacturers such as Media Vision have started to make the sudden move into different product categories, and what it means for the industry as a whole.

Shifting to the Future: A Look Into Genesis’ Journey Toward a Service-Focused Revenue Model
At its core Genesis Integration is a traditional firm, but that isn’t stopping it from embracing cloud video managed services.

Inside Genesis’ Video Conferencing-as-a-Service Solution
Gabriel Gely, executive VP of Genesis Integration, discusses the company's launch of a video conferencing-as-a-service (VCaaS) platform that is now helping to steer the firm toward the future.

AVMI Unveils the Secret to Creating a Unified Meeting Room Experience From Any Location
The international AV systems integration firm believes it has invented a service framework that allows companies to adopt standards in their meeting rooms on a global basis, giving them the flexibility to pick the technology that suits their meeting rooms while still allowing for competition.

4 Factors to Consider When Creating a Recurring Revenue Model
Transitioning to a recurring revenue model may not be an overnight move for integrators, however there are a number of services that can be built and delivered in short order to help move integrators toward generating greater amounts of recurring revenue while offering greater value to customers.

People & Places: Carousel Acquires Atrion, Creates Half-Billion-Dollar Company
CI takes a look at what's been happening in the industry in June: Carousel Industries acquires Atrion, Contemporary Research appoints Visitec as manufacturer rep for Midwest, Herman hires a new regional sales manager for the Northeast, and more.

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Ignorance, Defiance on ADA Compliance Among Regulatory Nightmares

Many integrators still don’t know everything they’re supposed to be doing — from ADA to new overtime rules to EPA compliance and more — possibly bogged down by laws they are unable to keep up with.

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