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AVI-SPL Creates Cityscape on Theater Stage
Integration pro AVI-SPL transforms the Grand Pavillion Theater at a Florida resort with projection mapping and innovative lighting effects.
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Increased Security Costs Boston Marathon its Innocence
Boston Strong sentiment will be out in full force this year, but so will police, surveillance cameras, and other new security measures.
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Luxury Apartment Lobby Features 15-Screen Digital Signage System
Integrator TVTi works with custom animation firm to create mind-blowing digital signage solution using 4K video for high-rise Chicago apartment complex lobby.
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Jaguars Lure Fans with Massive Scoreboard Renovations
The lowly Jacksonville Jaguars will become the latest team to hold a 'world's largest display' moniker when two 21,700-square-feet Daktronics boards, as well as other LED displays, cover EverBank Field next season.
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Advanced Helps SportsCentre Modernize
Installation at the Canadian SportsCentre studio creates three presentation areas with nearly seamless video walls.
Networking Solutions for High-Volume Video Traffic Jams
With video being created and shared in so many ways, the volume is wreaking havoc on clients’ networks. This webinar offers valuable tips on how to manage the traffic.

CI Webinar 0718 - Networking Solutions for  High-Volume Video Traffic Jams
Event Date: July 18, 2012
Start Time:
Moderator: Tom LeBlanc, Editor, Commercial Integrator
Presenters: Mark Coxon, Business Development Manager, Orange ProAV.; Kevin McCarron, Atrion Networking

Video is everywhere, literally everywhere, and it wasn’t like this just a few years ago. The paradigm shift in the way video is used has changed everything about being a commercial integrator.

There is a need and an expectation that companies be able to create and share videos through their network for communication and training purposes just as easily as it is for a father to share a video of his son making a nice catch in a Little League game.

Here’s the thing though — companies’ appetites for creating and sharing videos can end up being bigger than their networks can stomach. They’re not set up for the volume of content that is now being distributed.

Meanwhile, there’s the well-documented convergence of A/V and IT. Integrators are adding video to their clients network switches through the use of HD over IP, IP surveillance cameras, and video teleconferencing (VTC) and telepresence systems.

As video is added to companies’ network traffic, A/V and IT integrators need to be able to advise them on some strategies to keep things moving and to avoid bottlenecks.
This free webinar, which features both A/V and IT integrator panelists, offers concrete solutions for helping their clients focus on their use of video without worrying about traffic volume.

By viewing this webcast you agree and acknowledge that your CI registration information may be passed to our third-party sponsor who may elect to communicate directly with you about their products and services.
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Arlen, the Jaguars haven’t had a blackout since 2009.

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'Jaguars Lure Fans with Massive Scoreboard Renovations'.

Welcome to the police state! We should not accept living like this. This increased security only means the…

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