Atlona Now Shipping AT-HDR-M2C Audio Converter

Atlona HDR-M2C ideal in Ultra HD Blu-ray players, compatible televisions and projectors and playback of multi-channel source content over displays.

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Atlona is now shipping its AT-HDR-M2C audio converter, providing a way to extract, down-mix, and convert multi-channel HDMI source audio to two-channel HDMI, TOSLINK and analog audio for displays, distributed audio systems and whole-house audio systems.

The HDR-M2C simplifies this process through an HDMI input with pass-through capability. It automatically down-mixes multi-channel PCM, Dolby, and DTS audio, and delivers 2.0 stereo signals over HDMI, two-channel analog unbalanced audio, and TOSLINK digital audio outputs. The HDR-M2C also enables HDMI audio de-embedding with or without connection to a display or other destination.

The HDR-M2C is ideal for use in installations utilizing the latest UHD and HDR sources, such as Ultra HD Blu-ray players, compatible televisions and projectors; and applications requiring playback of multi-channel source content over displays and whole-house audio systems.

Here’s more about Atlona’s AT-HDR-M2C audio converter from the company press release announcing its shipping date:

The HDR-M2C audio converter includes EDID management features, as well as audio volume and bass/treble controls, all available via Ethernet through the Atlona Management System (AMS), the web GUI, or a control system. 

AMS is a network software platform for configuring, managing, and monitoring the HDR-M2C and other Atlona IP-controllable devices over a LAN, WAN, or VPN. AMS is available free from Atlona.

“It’s not uncommon to share sources across two-channel, whole home audio, and multi-channel, home theatre zones,” says Joshua Castro, product manager, Atlona.

“Unless you have a way to preserve the multi-channel Dolby or DTS source signal, the home theatre system is often limited to two-channel audio. The AT-HDR-M2C splits and down mixes multi-channel audio for two-channel displays, sound bars, or whole-home audio systems while passing the full, multi-channel HDMI signal with HDR metadata and HDCP 2.2 content protection to an AV receiver.”

Available now through Atlona partners worldwide, the HDR-M2C retails for $449.99. It includes Atlona’s 10-year limited product warranty and customer support services.

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