16 of the Best Church Speakers to Serve the Houses of Worship Market

Sound quality is more important to church speaker systems. Here are 16 of the best church speakers for the diversifying Houses of Worship market.

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16 of the Best Church Speakers to Serve the Houses of Worship Market

ur Lady of Good Counsel Church in Moorestown, NJ, featuring sound system solutions from Bose Professional in a system designed and installed by AV systems integrator Whitaker Brothers North.

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In many ways, churchgoers are luckier than ever before: they get to experience the best sound in houses of worship that’s ever been widely available.

In the wake of public demand for better audio in venues beyond cinemas, a growing number of audio and infrastructure manufacturers are developing audio products to envelop consumers in quality church sound.

The only trouble for integrators, then, is which sound systems for churches to choose for each project? Well, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the most popular loudspeakers for the ever-diversifying Houses of Worship market.

Digital Audio is the Backbone of the Best Church Speakers

Dante digital audio has a lot to do with the the current audio renaissance. Class D circuit designs and digital signal processing (DSP) configuration capabilities are close behind.

Over the course of a few years, Dante’s surge in popularity has made the format a go-to standard for plug-and-play digital audio connectivity — an especially useful trait in when deciding between speakers.

See the slideshow of church speakers that are excellent fits for the Houses of Worship market

Helping to ensure the format’s continued adoption, Audinate, the developer of Dante, has introduced its Dante Domain Manager and the Dante Broadway chip.

Dante can be found in everything from microphones and speakers to amplifiers and mixing consoles. As of 2016, 159 companies brought to market more than 950 Dante-enabled products.

Class D Amplifiers & DSPs Diversify the Loudspeaker Market

Class D amplifier designs are prevalent across the consumer and commercial audio markets due to the designs’ efficiency, small footprint and associated costs.

These factors allow manufacturers to develop everything from active speakers to subwoofers, for everything from home theater to sound reinforcement.

DSPs are available from just about every company that produces church speakers and amplifiers, and they enable users to tailor a variety of settings in the digital domain to provide unique, custom-tailored performance parameters to each installation.

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  • Tom Smith says:

    Apparently Robert Archer has never been in a church. The list is nonsense.

    • D. Craig MacCormack says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Tom. We’d love to incorporate some of your suggestions the next time we put together a story like this one. What’s missing that we should consider adding next time around?

  • P. Shah says:

    I am surprised that the list does not include the Pragmatic PHA family of compact, column line-array speakers! The PHA-25 and PHA-5125 speakers have been installed at many houses of worship and the PHA-16 and PHA-8 have been used for fill-in locations. These speakers have been around since 2005 and installed at many venues across US.

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