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Which College Football Powerhouse Has the Best Stadium Tech?

Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Texas Longhorns, Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers are among the big-time college football teams in the mix as stadium tech champs.

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Auburn University boasts the largest video board in college football. How does that translate into team success?

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College football coaches are always looking for any advantage or edge they can find to stay ahead of their biggest rivals and make their way to the top of the mountain as the champions of the sport every January. That’s why they often see to it that their fields are full of stadium tech.

Alumni and fans too want to see their schools attract the best players, rack up the most wins and earn the sport’s biggest prize. These days, they know it takes having some of the best technology to stand out, and that couldn’t be more evident than seeing one of the sport’s most decorated teams finally let technology become a key part of its strategy in its historic stadium.

We looked recently at ANC’s work at the University of Notre Dame and its installation of college football’s fourth-largest video board at the University of Texas, another perennial powerhouse on the campus gridiron, and noted how the Longhorns have always been on the forefront of technology while officials in South Bend, Ind., had to be convinced Fighting Irish players, fans and alumni needed more technology to enjoy a better experience at the games.

Over the years, we’ve also seen college football played below a historic video board in the middle of a race track in Tennessee and chronicled the relationship between one team adding a high-tech training facility and its march to the pinnacle of the sport.

Meanwhile, even the College Football Hall of Fame got a high-tech facelift when it relocated from Notre Dame Country to the southeast U.S.—where college football fandom is perhaps the most passionate—a few years ago. The building is now in the same city where the 2017 college football season kicked off and where it will crown this year’s national champion.

Let’s take a look at what some college football powerhouses are doing to stay one step ahead of the competition, even if it’s got nothing to do with throwing, catching, blocking or tackling.

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