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Listen Technologies Acquires Audio Everywhere (ExXothermic)

Listen Technologies Acquires Audio Everywhere, also known as ExXothermic, combining two fitness market names into one entity.

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Audio Everywhere, a.k.a. ExXothermic, the company that develops and licenses WiFi streaming audio technology, was recently acquired by Listen Technologies.

According to an Audio Everywhere press release, “Listen Technologies is now our exclusive channel partner in assistive listening, hospitality, and other related markets.”

The manufacturer states that cloud access and applications processes will remain the same. The Venue Server, “ExXtractor,” will also function the same as before, but with a new label and packaging. The name “ExXtractor” will also change: “We’re afraid no one will miss it,” the release posits.

Pricing structures are a different story. Audio Everywhere says that, while those are subject to change, all warranties will be honored.

Last year, Listen Technologies launched ListenWiFi, its personal listening system that allows venues to stream audio to personal smart phones and providing integrators with a great personal audio solution for fitness centers, student centers, waiting rooms, airports and more.

The system operates in either stereo or mono, and supports between 4 and 24 stereo programs, or 8 to 48 mono programs. Each WAP deployed can support up to 100 users, with expansion capabilities up to 1000 available.

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Guest contributor Fred Harding praised the technology, calling it a “great solution for the health club market.”

“Because you cleverly made a hardwired connection to the LAN, the users will still be able to get cell phone calls, look at Facebook, or whatever other internet related activities they desire. Once the user opens the app, they simply “flick” through the choices to select which is of interest.”

Listen Technologies, Audio Everywhere, ExXothermic

“Besides health clubs, the ListenWifi system could be deployed anywhere there might be multiple displays showing different content. Suggestions include sports bars, college campuses, airports, and more.”

Audio Everywhere says they are “winding down” the ExXothermic side of the business, with final shipments going out on December 8th. Listen Technologies will take over shipping on December 11th.

Dealers seeking to order products must now contact Listen Technologies at or +1 (801) 542-7768. Support queries can be made to or +1 (801) 233-8992.


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