IOGEAR GWLR Ultra Long Range Series Transmits Video Wirelessly

Adding to its selection of transmission solutions, IOGEAR has introduced its new GWLR Ultra Long Range Series of wireless video transmitters and receivers.

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IOGEAR GWLR Ultra Long Range Series Transmits Video Wirelessly

Irvine, Calif.-based IOGEAR has added to its selection of wireless transmission solutions through the introduction of its GWLR Ultra Long Range Series.

Developed for use in environments that include digital signage and hospitality settings, the GWLR line of wireless transmitter and receivers eliminate the need to run cable connections to facilitate the transmission of video distances as far as 600 feet.

“The challenge of moving A/V signals over long distances between the sorce and display equipment include the need for long cable runs and incompatibilities between the video interfaces of the source and display devices. Projects that seem simple and straightforward can easily become complex and expensive,” said Alan Sarutanond, product manager at IOGEAR, in the company press release. “Our new GWLR series eliminates those issues and provides users with the ability to select the transmitters and receivers that match the interfaces of their devices and easily transmit high-resolution A/V signals between them.”

IOGEAR emphasizes the GWLR Ultra Long Series of products provides integrators with the ability to mix-and-match devices to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Supporting the line’s flexibility is a choice of HDMI, DVI or VGA-based solutions such as the  GWLRVGARX GWLR Ultra Long Range Series VGA receiver and the GWLRHDTX Ultra Long Range Series HDMI transmitter.

IOGEAR GWLR Ultra Long Range Series Saves Money

According to IOGEAR, its GWLR Ultra Long Range Series transmitters and receivers can be used to send AV signals from source devices such as a PC or a media player, to digital signage displays and projectors distances of several hundred feet.

Some of the benefits of the GWLR Ultra Long Range Series beyond its elimination of physical cable connections is its ability to eliminate the need for connection adapters in systems with different interfaces.

Highlighting the GWLRHDRX Ultra Long Range Series HDMI receiver, IOGEAR explains the product comes with an IR blast cable and IR extension cable that allows integrators to control the source device remotely by pointing the remote control at the receiver.

IOGEAR adds that through the products’ support of 1080p video, it allows integrators to save their clients money by not using cables, which can be expensive.

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