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Crestron DM XiO Director Is ‘New AV Matrix for the IT Age’

Hailed as the “new AV matrix for the IT age,” Crestron DM XiO Director simplifies deployment of Crestron DM NVX network AV systems.

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Crestron DM XiO Director Is ‘New AV Matrix for the IT Age’

Crestron DM XiO Director Network Appliance

The Crestron DM XiO Director is now shipping, according to a press release in which the manufacturer calls the new product “the new AV matrix for the IT age.”

It’s an enterprise-grade network appliance, natively running simple yet powerful software, according to Crestron. The DM XiO Director centrally configures, manages, and controls DM NVX network AV systems.

According to the Crestron press release, the DM XiO Director is available in three models, depending on the number of DM NVX endpoints. The software tool enables device discovery, domain configuration, endpoint mapping, multicasting management, and status monitoring.

DM NVX Series is the industry’s only secure solution that delivers 4K60, 4:4:4, and HDR video over standard 1GB Ethernet.

“Once your DM NVX network is installed, you need to route the video and manage the system,” says said Rob Carter, technology manager, DigitalMedia.

“The DM XiO Director makes it easy to set up large networks of endpoints, name rooms, monitor signal paths, and manage video data over a standard IP network.”

More from Crestron on Virtual DM switcher:

The DM XiO Director virtually emulates the functionality of a traditional hardware-based DigitalMedia AV matrix switcher, routing 4K60 streaming AV signals throughout a room, building, or campus.

Three models are offered which support 80 (DM-XIO-DIR-80), 160 (DM-XIO-DIR-160), or unlimited (DM-XIO-DIR-ENT) endpoint devices. DM XiO Director can handle even the largest corporate enterprise, university, governmental, military, medical, transportation, sports, entertainment, hospitality, gaming, or retail application.

More from Crestron on simple, flexible configuration:

The DM XiO Director automatically discovers each DM NVX endpoint on the network, and allows each one to be assigned to a “domain” using a simple UI. A domain is simply a logical grouping of endpoints that operate together as a single switching entity, allowing individual rooms and other subsystems to be arranged and controlled independently.

The DMXiO Director effectively eliminates the need for physical switchers in every room, replacing them with the virtual equivalent running on the AV network.

More from Crestron on Easy web-based setup and control:

The Crestron DM XiO Director provides an intuitive web-based user interface to facilitate system configuration, signal routing, and comprehensive diagnostics of the complete AV network. Each domain and endpoint can be designated with a user-friendly name.

Navigating the entire system is easy using the search box to quickly find domains, endpoints, inputs, and outputs by name or address. A system overview screen is also provided, showing the video and audio signal status for every input and output in a graphical layout that’s easy to view and navigate.

To learn more, visit Crestron’s DM XiO Director product pages.

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