This Backpack Pixel Art is Like Mobile Digital Signage

Pix backpack, featuring a programmable 16×20 matrix, is not just a way to show off your personality through backpack pixel art… It’s real, mobile signage!

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Some people wear oddly-colored shoes or ties to AV trade shows like InfoComm; others have funky glasses. But what if you had some cool backpack pixel art to show off your brand, personality, and style? The Pix backpack could be a solution for you.

It features a programmable screen on the pack’s exterior: a matrix of panels in 16x20px resolution, plus a generous 27 liters of space inside the bag itself. That may not be as large as many backpacks out there, but it’s still big enough to fit your 15″ laptop, bottle of water, notebooks, and whatever trade show swag you collect.

The only potential problem is that the bag runs a little pricey: the larger version is $259, and if you want one with a power bank, it’ll cost you just shy of $300. Those prices are more akin to multi-functional hiking bags than something as casual and kitschy as the Pix backpack… but I suppose this is the price of backpack pixel art.

Mobile digital signage?

I can’t lie: representing Commercial Integrator with a custom-programmed backpack would be pretty cool. And, as overly-cutesy as these things are, you have to admit they are pretty attention-grabbing.

I can totally see a clever, personality-driven integration business using these to display a retro-pixelated version of their company’s logo, hashtag, or whatever other imaging that makes sense for them.

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We read a lot about online “influencers;” people who are brand evangelists and post about a company in a semi-natural, fun way. But what if you could be an influencer out there in the real world? The Pix backpack let’s you do just that.

Also: is it just me, or does this whole “backpack pixel art” strike you as a great promotion for digital signage? If your customers want custom content, give them a taste of your programming skills by showing up with one of these on your back… Or, don’t, it’s up to you.

Learn more about the Pix backpack here.

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