CI’s Fastest-Growing Firms Highlights Companies Doing Things Right

In this summer’s Fastest-Growing Firms coverage, we’ll highlight companies of all sizes and types that have the best growth strategies in digital signage, UCC and many other categories.

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We spend a lot of time on this website and in our printed pages focused on the challenges integrators face in helping their businesses grow, but we know it’s important to also highlight the companies that are overcoming those challenges. That’s why we’re launching a new collection of what we’re calling CI’s Fastest-Growing Firms.

We know from attending trade shows, talking to integrators and interviewing them for our monthly company profiles there are a lot of ways to help your integration business grow and a lot of companies that are doing it well. Our goal is to bring them all together and highlight some of the ways they’re succeeding and some of the areas where they’re focusing.

Whether it’s digital signage, unified communication and collaboration or another sector of the AV industry, we want you and your fellow integrators to tell us—and your peers—how you’ve been able to build your business in what’s been somewhat rocky economic times.

By the way, we’re not just looking for a list of a collection of the biggest firms in the industry. Everyone knows who those companies are and we’ve obviously covered their stories in great depth over the years at CI. That doesn’t mean we’re ruling them out either. CI’s Fastest-Growing Firms will highlight integrators both large and small that have seen their bottom lines grow rapidly recently and celebrate them for finding unique ways to succeed in an increasingly competitive space that seems to be changing every day.

Make sure you fill out our survey by May 31 to be part of the first collection of CI’s Fastest-Growing Firms this summer.