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Xenoma e-skin Lets Users Put the WEAR in ‘Wearables’

With Zenoma e-skin, sensors are stitched into clothing and can help monitor vital signs and other valuable biometric data.

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Wearable tech can monitor many aspects of their wearers’ health and being. These are helpful, but are only good if the wearer remembers to wear them. Going a few days without wearing your heart rate-reading watch might lead to inaccurate or inconsistent data over time. But Xenoma, the Japanese wearables manufacturer, aims to tackle that problem with their e-skin solution.

Tech Acute reports Xenoma and research group WearHEALTH have teamed up to bring wearable technology that the wearer

According to Tech Acute’s article:

This can be especially helpful for elder citizens and their caretakers as this can track the daily life of its wearer, analyze sleep conditions and detect falling. As Japan and the world are facing an ever-growing lack of caretakers, this solution might be exactly what the market needs.

The e-skin wearable consists of printed circuit fabric — a sort of “smart clothing” — and a proprietary method to utilize all the benefits of a stretchable electronic device.

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Uses for Xenoma e-skin

The concept of e-skin smart clothing was first demoed in 2016 at CES. Here’s what Tech Acute says it could be used for:

  • Game Demos: e-skin shirts capture player movements and can convert that information into avatar movements in real time.
  • Holo Lens Demo: the shirts have been used before in tandem with Microsoft HoloLens, enabling motion input besides just the google sight.
  • Monitoring health data: the shirt can monitor vital signs, while the circuits in the legs can detect motion. Ports on the sternum can connect to ECG.

According to the Tech Acute reporting, the device only lasts eight hours per charge. The manufacturer is working on a longer-lasting system.

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