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7 Signs the Future of Digital Retail is Here

Attendees at Digital Signage Expo 2015 saw an impressive array of touch-sensitive and interactive signage displays for the retail, education and restaurant markets.

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A couple weeks before Digital Signage Expo 2015, CI spoke to Chris Gibbs, president and COO of Exponation, producer of the annual digital signage tradeshow that took place Mar. 10-13 in Las Vegas.

“Once [a specific technology] becomes pervasive, we start seeing the same technology with different kinds of displays,” said Gibbs. Last year, 4K was a big part of the show. 4K is coming to the show again this year, he said, but this time, “not only are these screens 4K, not only are they bent, but now they are interactive.”

Gibbs was right. Interactivity was prevalent on the show floor, from touch-enabled customer kiosks to collaborative whiteboards and retail displays.

Attendees didn’t just observe the products in each booth, but really engaged with them in a way that was rare just a couple years ago. Integrators and end users alike got a better idea of how each product worked, and furthermore, it was entertaining.

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Take Toshiba’s Virtual Changing Mirror, which was the talk of the show. Step in front of the mirror and it would immediately dress you in different virtual outfits.

Panasonic’s interactive retail display showed the specs and details of Adidas sneakers when a specific shoe was picked off of a rack, and MultiTaction’s Curved iWall was easy and quite entertaining to use.

These products not only brightened up the DSE show floor, but are changing the nature of how we interact with digital signage. That big ol’ screen customers walked right by a few years ago is quickly becoming a creative tool that both engages customers and furthers their relationship with a brand.

And if you needed another reason to invest in interactive display technology, they’re data-collecting machines as well.

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