AMX enhances Enzo platform

Users can now create Enzo session macros using the AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM) configuration tool.

David Davies

HARMAN Group brand AMX has announced a number of new additions to its Enzo Content Sharing and Conference Platform. Among the enhancements are screen mirroring of laptop and mobile device content; upcoming support for web conferencing; and simplified launching of Enzo sessions from a control panel or keyboard.

Enzo was designed as an application-based platform to give meeting attendees choices in deciding how they want to present and share content in meetings. In addition to retrieving content from cloud-based storage, the Web or a local USB drive, meeting participants are now able to instantly screen mirror content from their laptop (Windows/Mac OS X), smartphone or tablet. Powered by MirrorOp wireless mobile content sharing technology, users can quickly and easily share their screens with just a click.

AMX has also eased life for integrators by adding the ability to create Enzo session macros using the AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM) configuration tool. As a result, a ‘nearly limitless’ number of user-defined steps can be configured in mere minutes, saving integrators what previously was a time-intensive programming process. Session macros benefit Enzo users by making it simpler than ever to put all the steps needed to initiate a session, such as powering up the display, launching the browser, starting a web conference and logging into Dropbox. Control capabilities such as dimming the lights, lowering the projection screen and raising volume can also be integrated into an Enzo session macro.

Enzo was also designed to enable global collaboration and the addition of web conferencing adds that capability. By simply plugging in an AMX Sereno Video Conferencing Camera, meeting attendees can instantly engage in web conferences using their choice of Enzo-driven web conferencing applications, including support for Skype and Microsoft Lync conferencing. Because Enzo is a flexible application-based platform, additional web conferencing applications will be added in the future.