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App Can Make Android-based Digital Signage More Touchy-Feely

Zytronic’s Android ZyConfig App is designed to make it easy to create multi-touch user interfaces for Android.

CI Staff

Android is becoming a popular operating system for digital signage, according to Zytronic VP of sales and marketing Ian Crosby.

As a developer of touch sensor solutions, Zytronic is looking to support that emerging demand with its new Android ZyConfig App which is designed to make it easy to create multi-touch user interfaces for Android and is discussing with Digital Signage Expo 2016 attendees.

The app, which can be downloaded here, is loaded onto the Android target hardware and can detect an attached Zytronic touch controller. Then the user just needs to calibrate the touchscreen and tune the touch sensitivity through the app, according to Zytronic.

More from Crosby:

“Android is becoming increasingly popular as system integrators adopt the freely available operating system and the lower-cost computing hardware that supports it. It has spread rapidly beyond handsets and tablets, and is now becoming a much more common operating system for digital signage and other self-service hardware.

“Each target hardware running Android can be slightly different, and setting up the Android Operating System to work with a touch controller and touch screen requires a certain amount of low-level software configuration, which not all companies have the in-house expertise to perform. We’ve made it as easy as downloading an app onto the target hardware and performing two simple steps to remove the complexity from the installation and set-up process.”

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