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Cutting Expenses During Your Transition to Services

Tips to help you improve cash flow—from both an income and expense perspective—as you begin to offer managed services as part of your business.

CI Staff

Transitioning to an ‘as-a-service’ business model requires carefully thought out finances and keen decision-making.

Gone are lump-sum payments, and the capital used to counter-balance hardware investments.

In their place is a potentially more lucrative business, but it will require careful keen judgment and business acumen. The potential for profits is great, but so too is the potential for mistakes.


Tips, advice, and long-term solutions on how to transition your business to an as-a-service model, and why it’s beneficial to do so.

Part 1: Why Change Your Business Model?

Part 2: How to Plan for the Big Transition

Part 3: Managing Cash Flow

Part 4: Adapting Your Sales Strategy

Part 5: Transitioning Your Existing Clients

Part 6: Business Process Automation

Part 7: How to Retain Clients

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How does one realize these greater profits? How can integrators transition their payment strategy without jeopardizing their company’s solvency?

The solution to this puzzle is knowledge: maintain a solid business foundation, generate reliable income, and execute keen financial judgment.

Chapter three in the ‘Ultimate Guide to As-a-service’ goes through these steps in detail. Found in this chapter are details on slashing expenses, working with vendors, maximizing profitability, and much more.

Learn how to determine the level of profitability you want to achieve over the life of your managed service agreement, review what your competitors are offering, and determine your break-even point for each agreement.

Also included are some tips on the different financial options you have to manage your cash flow, such as self-finance, leasing hardware, applying for a credit load, or using a credit card.

This transition can be daunting and often tricky. It helps to know where you’re heading before you begin. This guide is full of tips you might not think of until you’re months or even years into the process.

Chapter three aims to help your business be better positioned to realize increased income and stability, and better positioned for the challenges ahead.

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