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Inside Planar’s InfoComm 2016 Booth

Planar showed off its new Leyard TWA display, its Planar DirectLight display, its CarbonLight displays and more on the Vegas show floor this year.

CI Staff

Planar, a Leyard Company, showcased the Leyard TWA 1.2mm display, the finest pitch product in the line that’s available today, at InfoComm 2016. The display is an eight by eight of the TWA modules, and exactly 8K resolution.

“Since it is direct through LED, it is perfectly seamless, and you get all the great colors, the great color uniformity and viewing angles that you’d expect from an LED product from Leyard,” says the company.

Planar also showcased its Planar DirectLight 1.6mm, the finest pitch in the DirectLight family.

“What’s particularly different about DirectLight is that it incorporates a mount and can be mounted directly to a wall rather than having a different structure required. It has alignment built-in and is fully front installable and front serviceable. Once it is installed, it is less than four inches from the wall,” says the company.

In addition to the Leyard TWA and Planar DirectLight products, Planar also introduced its Leyard CarbonLight displays, made with carbon fiber. These displays are light, thin and durable, allowing for easy installment.

Take a virtual tour of Planar’s booth below to see more of its products showcased at this year’s InfoComm.

InfoComm 2016: Planar from EH Media on Vimeo.