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Ricoh Offers Portable, Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Ricoh’s UCS P3500 includes a camera, mic, speaker and network connectivity.

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Ricoh’s UCS P3500 is a portable, cloud-based video conferencing system which includes the camera, microphone and speaker, and network connectivity.

The company likes to say that it’s as simple to use as a cell phone and sets up in seconds for anywhere, anytime video conferencing.

The system connects to Ricoh’s proprietary cloud-based service through a standard Ethernet network to enable real-time video and audio communications to up to 20 other P3500s or Ricoh UCS apps for PC, phones and tablets. The P3500 offers document sharing, is equipped with HDMI input/output and a 125 degree wide-angle HD camera.

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The camera has back light correction for clearer view and a remote control zoom function. The key to the UCS P3500 is that it requires minimal network bandwidth (maximum 2 Mbps) so it can display high definition video and audio without buffering over a standard network connection.

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