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The Story Behind the Story: How AVI-SPL Continues to Stay a Step Ahead of the Industry

Industry’s largest integration firm talks out-of-the-box solutions, selling services, collaboration, customer experiences, project management, recruiting and more.

Another major discussion point was AVI-SPL’s focus on delivering consistent customer experiences with its collaboration systems and services. Whether people are attending meetings in a very complex conference room, a huddle room, or remotely, Bottcher explained the importance of taking away in-room bias and providing consistent experiences to customers, no matter their location.

“The idea is now to design a space that best suites the needs for meetings or the opportunity to exchange data and collaborate,” says Bottcher. “It’s really about people, space and information and the way those three things are tied together. It all comes back to one thing and it’s delivering on that experience.”

AVI-SPL also recognizes that providing customers with consistent experiences starts with its own workforce.

“We have spent a lot of time this year investing in infrastructure and training and people and process and really trying to drive the customer experience. We wanted to drive that infrastructure domestically to make sure that as we move forward we are able to scale the experience and make sure it’s good,” says Jeff Davis, COO, AVI-SPL.

“We updated our Microsoft practice to Gold Certification in Q3 which was a major coup on our part. We continue to invest in not only product training but in soft skill training and technical training just to make sure that as we have a workforce going to market it’s the best trained workforce.”

AVI-SPL is one of the limited number of AV integration firms distributing Microsoft Surface Hub as well, adding to its focus on unified communication and collaboration.

The company has also reinstituted its Project Management (PM) Academy and Innovation Council, formerly known as the Technical Council. Every one of the over 100 AVI-SPL PMs in the field goes through the PM Academy and experiences ongoing training to ensure they are continually educated and building on skills.

In addition to training and education, AVI-SPL is focusing its attention on recruiting and onboarding as well.

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“As we grow, we need to expand our talent pool,” says Davis. “We have some good apprentice programs and some good internships from design engineering to programming, so we’re getting some good talent out of school that has an interest in the industry. We bring them in and give them a snapshot of what life would be like in this industry. It exposes us to a new talent pool.”

AVI-SPL relies on its internal recruiting group and a handful of external recruiters to find and attract talent, and has focused its attention on offering robust job titles and descriptions to incoming talent in order to provide them with a realistic look at what a career at AVI-SPL would be like.

“It’s helped us attract and maintain good talent in the industry,” says Davis.

Looking ahead, AVI-SPL looks to continues to keep its focus on maintaining a leadership position in the industry.

“The story behind the story is a story of relevance to the marketplace, being able to serve a customer, and to being able to transform in a rapidly changing environment,” says Zettel. “That’s the story I tell our employees. When you can maintain that level of excellence for that long a period of time, that’s the story behind the story and our employees do a great job of that.”