Why Many Integrators Struggle to Sell Digital Signage

Westbury National’s Brock McGinnis speculates that integrators are too focused on technical bells and whistles for most digital signage customers’ liking.

Tom LeBlanc

During an interview about the state of digital signage and retail integration markets, I asked Brock McGinnins of Westbury National for a theory on why many traditional integrators seem to lack a strategy for selling digital signage.

The systems division sales manager for the Toronto-based firm had a solid answer. It involved “underwear,” “plumbers” and made a lot of sense.

The bottom line: For traditional integrators to be successful selling digital signage, they need to think differently. Digital signage customers tend to be less impressed by technology bells and whistles and far more focused on return on investment.

Brock McGinnis, Westbury National, on Rethinking Digital Signage Sales Strategies: