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Lifesize Launches Device Interoperability With Zoom, Microsoft Teams

The new Lifesize Connect Plus+ 4k cloud room software device subscription enables interoperability with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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Videoconferencing provider Lifesize has launched Lifesize Connect Plus+, a new Device Software Subscription (DSS) feature for its 4K Lifesize Cloud Room hardware that introduces new interoperability to enable users to use the Lifesize hardware to connect to Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

According to the company, Lifesize Connect Plus+ builds on to Lifesize Connect to provide a multivendor meeting experience while protecting existing Lifesize hardware investments. The offering enables Icon 300/500/700 series conferencing hardware to directly join a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting without requiring the user to bring their laptop or tablet to the meeting room.

Key benefits include support for Linux desktop apps from Lifesize and other video meeting solution providers, the ability to join meetings on other platforms without a laptop or tablet and a DSS upgrade for existing Lifesize customers that enhances multivendor connectivity.

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Essentially, the offering allows users to jump from meeting to meeting without switching devices or setups regardless of meeting vendor application.

In an interview with Commercial Integrator’s sister-site TechDecisions, Lifesize CEO Trent Waterhouse said previously, users would be able to use different meeting platforms on Lifesize room systems using a laptop or other device via Lifesize Connect, but Connect Plus+ eliminates that need.

“This enables you, from the camera, to launch natively into Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Lifesize,” Waterhouse says.

With the ability to run third-party conferencing clients directly on Lifesize hardware, users can focus on the meeting without having to switch devices, and IT can maximize their investment in Lifesize meeting room hardware.

Currently, Lifesize offers three levels of 4K conferencing cameras via the Icon 300, Icon 500 and Icon 700, as well as the Lifesize Phone HD meeting room smartphone, Lifesize Share wireless content solution and the Digital MicPod for audio pickup

According to Waterhouse, this expanded third-party functionality provides “one-click simplicity” with the convenience of multi-vendor interoperability.

“We think that’s a winning combination,” Waterhouse says. “We don’t think a room should be married to a vendor. We think a conference room should be able to talk to any videoconferencing solution.”

This article originally appeared on Commercial Integrator’s sister-site