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The Key to Bringing Better Connectivity to Your Rural Clients

Rural businesses can have difficulty maintaining a competitive edge if employees’ devices are poorly connected. A cell phone booster improves reception.

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While cities are still seeing the majority of population growth in North America, the fact remains that 1 in 5 citizens of North America still live in rural areas—18 percent of the population in the United States and Canada, and 21 percent in Mexico.

Though there are millions of people in the more isolated parts of these countries, infrastructure has not been put in place to provide them the same quality of life afforded to their counterparts in urban centers.

One significant case in point is cellular coverage.

A connection to the Internet has become a vital part of everyday life, at home, school and the office. And while connected devices are hot commodities regardless of the geography, device users in rural areas suffer the consequences of poor connectivity.

As a result, rural businesses can have difficulty maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly global economy.

Students will struggle to achieve the same level of digital literacy as their counterparts, putting them at a disadvantage as they prepare for placement in the job market after graduation.

Without a robust wireless connection, quality of life itself can be degraded. From getting directions, staying in touch with loved ones or taking advantage of other technological advances, cellular coverage is at the heart of it all.

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Considering the difficulty of making large in roads towards improved cellular infrastructure, one way that individuals can take the lead on improving reception is to take advantage of cell phone signal boosters.

According to SignalBooster.com, signal boosters pick up a weak cellular connection and amplify the signal, providing users a robust connection.

They can be easily installed at home, in the office or even inside vehicles, giving users the opportunity for superior levels of coverage in an otherwise underserved area.

Cell phone boosters are poised to become even more critical as more devices are connected under the umbrella of the Internet of Things, or, the IoT.

As everyday items are rolled out with smart technology that can transmit data with other connected devices, there will be unique opportunities to change how we utilize objects in our day to day lives.

But rural businesses will fall behind as quickly as new technological advances arise unless they are provided solutions for the lack of connectivity in their areas.

Neal Serrano is the CSO of SignalBooster.com.

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