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With FSR Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System Shipping, There’s a New Marshall In Town

First shown at InfoComm 2017, the FSR Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System is now shipping, offering clean cable management.

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With FSR Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System Shipping, There’s a New Marshall In Town

FSR Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System

“There’s a new marshall in town,” wrote FSR in its InfoComm 2017 press release before showing off the FSR Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System at the trade show in Orlando, Fla. Now that it’s shipping it can be in your town, too.

The Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System offers clean and elegant cabling, according to FSR.

“Our new Wire Marshall System offers a very orderly and well-designed way to organize unsightly cables that areunder tables lacking a pedestal,” says Jan Sandri, FSR president, in a press release.

“We are now very excited to announce that this new solution, which was very well-received at this year’s InfoComm show, is shipping. As always, we couldn’t be more excited to accommodate our ever-growing customer base with an easy-to-use and economical cable managementsystem.”

The company calls it a complete solution for tying FSR’s table boxes to its full line of floor box and poke-thru solutions. The Wire Marshall system provides clean and elegant cable management in table designs that lack a pedestal for hiding cables and power as they transition from the table boxes to the floor.

The WM-CMPT system consists of:

  • WM-UTC Under Table Channel for dressing cables horizontally along the table underside
  • Unique shape and rubber like edge allows cables to enter and exit the channel at any point along its length.
  • Each 22.5-inch track has mitered ends to create corners or allow cables to pass into the Cable Pathway (WM-CP)
  • For longer custom installation, the 5-foot long WM-UTC5 is available.
  • The WM-CP Cable Pathway provides a 25-inch to 30-inch adjustable height pathway from the table’s underside to the floor for an integrated solution for handling multiple low-voltage AV/Data and AC cables
  • The Wire Marshall Cable Pathway easily opens to allow the addition of low-voltage or AC cables each in their own divided section, providing an elegant and sturdy cable transport solution
  • The top of the Cable Path has a built in service loop storage area to neatly bundle excess cable
  • The WM-LC Leg Channel is also available for dressing cables along the backside of a round table leg

More from FSR’s Wire Marshall press release:

Outstanding features include: Ease of use; the ability to organize all cables from any manufacturer’s table boxes; an ease in opening the Cable Pathway sections to add or remove cables as the design changes; the ability to provide a simple, economical, and elegant solution for cable management even after the project is complete; a future resistant solution should the need arise to change wiring compliments easily after installation; and the ability to work on most slim design tables to provide an easy path for cabling needs from table box to floor box.