Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar Video Wall is a Monster

Jerry Remy’s new restaurant features giant NEC video wall made of 32 46-inch panels. >

Tom LeBlanc
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Ferrer, a former integrator, advises integrators to plan extra time for assembling video walls. “Each mount needs to be perfectly aligned and you have to make last-minute adjustments to make sure they’re prefect.”

Many integrators are trying to get into the video wall category, according to Ferrer. He says he likes working with relatively small integrator companies, although NEC also does video wall work with very large integration companies. “What I particularly like about [Custom Cable Services] and integrators like them is their willingness to learn about technology and let us help them.

“Some integrators don’t need much help; they’ll just ask a couple of questions, but I’d rather work with installers of Rob’s size so we can grow with them. The conversations I had with Rob were really about mounting and how to handle cabling. That third-party info that we share with our integrators, that’s really the key for winning business in that space.

“We do that with larger integrators, too, but they’re going to have their favorites. With Rob, I was able to essentially provide guidance and solutions. Being able to be involved from the very beginning not only helps manufacturers, but it helps the integrator and helps him satisfy the client and allows him to move on to the next restaurant.”

At Remy’s restaurant, an ICS Technology system controller is used to quarterback the video wall content, which is driven by DirecTV via HDMI cabling.

Soluri says that in addition to sports viewing, the video wall will be used for digital signage content and HD cameras will also feed content to the wall.

“We have the ability to have 12 inputs of HDMI, VGA and component signal.”

Beyond the video wall, there are 48 additional TVs in the restaurant.