19 Huddle Room Solutions Enhancing the Modern Workplace

Sophisticated but simple-to-use displays, collaboration, microphones and conferencing technologies fuel increasingly more interactive huddle rooms for corporate office meetings.

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19 Huddle Room Solutions Enhancing the Modern Workplace
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Perhaps it’s Millennials’ familiarity with technology … maybe it’s the result of an economy that’s purring along with an unemployment rate of less than 5 percent (as of press time) filling up office spaces. Maybe it’s a combination of several things, but whatever the reason, corporate America is embracing technology and specifically huddle spaces.

Backboned by networking technologies that enable high-speed connectivity for the unbuffered streaming of quality video, audio and graphics, today’s huddle room spaces support small groups of employees to efficiently collaborate.

These spaces represent a diverse collection of products that include video conferencing systems, collaboration systems, interactive displays, projectors and many other products. It’s a category ripe with compelling products and low-hanging sales fruit.

To give integrators a better idea of what’s on the market, we’ve rounded up a handful of solutions from several categories that apply to today’s huddle rooms.

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