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17 Interactive Display Solutions Driving Innovation

Today’s all-in-one type interactive display solutions address the growing diversity of media, simplifying communications and presentations without adding cumbersome user challenges.

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17 Interactive Display Solutions Driving Innovation

Nureva Span Mobile Cart reproduces an image more than 6 feet wide, and clients can use two infrared (IR) pens to interact with projected content.

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Over the past few years regardless of whether it’s an educational environment or a corporate setting, video presentations have become much more complex and sophisticated. At the same time, however, AV installations have become more streamlined and simplified to help facilitate their creation and application.

Gone are the days of fishing through a gaggle of cables laying on a table to connect a computer or wheeling in a media cart with a CRT-based TV and VCR to make video presentations.

Today’s interactive display solutions enable corporate business people, educators and other professionals to deliver engaging presentations full of vibrant content without having to experience the frustration and complexity of the market’s bygone solutions.

After determining parameters such as cost, screen size, and if applicable, following the guidelines established by InfoComm through its PISCR recommendations for the quality level of the video content, integrators have a variety of products available to them to put together an end-to-end video presentation system.

Click through the slideshow for a sampling of the latest interactive display devices to help meet their clients’ demands.

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