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Riiid AI Tutoring Could Change the Needs of the Education Technology Market

If robot teachers – in the form of AI tutoring from Riiid – are at the helm of a new age classroom, will your education tech designs need to be easy to use?

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Teaching may be next on the list of jobs affected by artificial intelligence, according to a recent TechAcute article on Riiid AI tutoring… or, more plainly put, robot teachers.

Riiid is a tech startup in Korea that has been testing an AI tutoring platform called “santAInside,” which can predict how a user would answer questions.

“This tutor doesn’t have to divide its attention to 20+ students at the same time in a typical classroom. With this solution, all students could have equal opportunities for quality training and education, at a cheaper cost.

“With the help of more than 30 researchers from universities in various countries, Riiid is trying to become an alternative to the traditional way of schooling. Its creators are aiming for it to replace all workbooks and lecturers in this modern era.” — TechAcute’s original article.

Riiid Has Major Investments

So far, the company has raised $18 million in a Series C funding round, led by Premier Partners, DSC Investment, Korea Growth Investment Corporation, Aplenroute Asset Management, D Ventures Private Investment Fund, IMM Investment, and DSC Investment.

Pro AV Involvement

There are two obvious concerns one has to consider in order to think about this technology seriously:

  • the ethical implications of a world where at least some teaching jobs would be rendered redundant
  • whether or not parents and the larger scholastic community would even be willing to see AI tutoring or robot teachers as a valuable learning tool

Putting those two important aspects aside, this could be a business opportunity for integrators. After all, think about a classroom technology environment where there’s an automatic assumption that the operator of a projector — who used to be human! — is now an essentially error-less machine?

That whole “designing systems for humans” thing? No need to worry!

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If robot teachers really are at the helm of a new age classroom, will your room designs need to be as forgiving of human error?

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