Artist Stefanie Egedy Studies ‘Vibrational Experience’ with d&b audiotechnik

Using d&b SL series subwoofers, artist Stefanie Egedy is exploring the connection between the body and low frequency sound.

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Artist Stefanie Egedy Studies ‘Vibrational Experience’ with d&b audiotechnik

Image credit: Shai Levy

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Artist and composer Stefanie Egedy has long been captivated by the potent effect of low frequency sound (LFS) on the human body. Her inspiration to investigate sprung from a feeling of bodily invigoration after substantial periods bathed in LFS.

“I always wondered why I was addicted to dancing in nightclubs and I realized it was because it made me feel good,” says Egedy. “I could feel the sub-bass throughout my entire body and for me, that was an exhilarating form of medicine. Our skin feels and our body listens to the unique sound massage enabled by low-frequency sound waves and subwoofers.”

What started out as a small idea rapidly evolved into Egedy’s latest artistic concept — BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.). This is a series of site-specific sound installations that explores the possible interactions among sub-bass, infrasound and bodies via unorthodox subwoofer arrangements. These arrangements are an ongoing collaboration with Rafael Lins. Lins had the idea to explore enhanced responses from the subwoofers and, when possible, explore the creative effects of sound cancellations.

“I believe low-frequency sound has the capacity to touch bodies and offer what I call a vibrational experience,” continues Egedy. “These sound waves are capable of filling the air with pressure while caring about the bodies. For me, it is about feeling whole and connected.”

Preparing the Concept

To prepare for these installations, Egedy first studies the dimensions of a space and creates a sub-arrangement for it, Then she composes a piece for that specific room. The aim for the audience upon entering is to explore sound pressure and cancellations throughout the room.

Egedy’s first sonic experience using d&b SL Series subwoofers in her work occurred in 2020. She describes this interaction as ‘love at first sight’. From that point on, she made it clear that the SL subs would be her first choice.

“Based on the quality of the SL subs, it’s clear to me that if low-quality subs are the only ones available at a venue, I simply won’t proceed with the project because I know that my work is now much more effective when it’s produced with that certain standard that only d&b can provide,” she adds.

Jonas “Jones” Wagner, d&b education and application support in Germany, first discovered Egedy’s work. Since then, the relationship with d&b has only grown. Egedy thus acknowledges d&b’s support for her concept. “They understand my vision and are doing everything they can to ensure it can be delivered,“ she adds. “Seeing my work validated by a pro audio giant like d&b is really rewarding and gives me a huge confidence boost.”

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 Egedy’s research, still in the early stages, found that exposure to LFS helps reduce anxiety, stress and headaches. It also provides reinvigoration. Her upcoming project involves 12 SL subs. Per the company, this is the largest scale subwoofer installation in the world.

Egedy will showcase BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS at CTM festival in Berlin in January, using d&b SL subs.

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