26 Commercial Solutions at CEDIA Expo 2012

These B2B products seized center stage at the supposedly residential market-focused trade show. >

CI Staff
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CEDIA Expo is a trade show for the residential integration market, but it was often difficult to remember that during the 2012 edition of the conference, which took place in Indianapolis on September 5-8.

The residential market has seen better days, and exhibiting manufacturers at CEDIA Expo 2012 seemed to be tapping into a trend in which residential integrators are diversifying into the commercial market.

Indeed, CI’s sister publication CE Pro reports that 70 percent of its readers—presumably residential integrators—did commercial projects in that past year. Meanwhile, an average of 36.9 percent of those integrators’ revenue stems from commercial projects.

Manufacturers are clearly targeting this new crop of residential-commercial hybrid integrators by presenting them with commercial solutions.