3 Questions: President of Lencore on How to Succeed in Sound Masking

Published: September 15, 2015

When it comes to sound masking, integrators seem to fall into one of two camps. They either embrace it or ignore it entirely, never even bringing it up to their costumers.

Jonathan Leonard, president of Lencore Acoustics, would say that second group is leaving money on the table.

As corporate environments trend toward open offices in an effort to create a productive and collaborative work environment, integrators (especially those working in the corporate market) should think about sound masking as a way for clients to increase collaboration without losing the comfortable, private setting that allows for focus and hard work.

Leonard calls sound masking an “acoustical comfort,” a simple device aimed at raising ambient background sound without any noise distraction.

But why is that second group neglecting to discuss sound masking with customers? Maybe they don’t know enough about it, maybe they’re hesitant to get into a new category, or maybe they’ve dabbled in sound masking but it hasn’t yet been successful for them.

To find out, CI editor Tom LeBlanc spoke with the president of Lencore about what it takes to succeed in this category.

Watch the 3 Questions interview with Jonathan Leonard below.


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