CCS Presentation Systems Employee and Daughter Making Face Shield Frames for Coronavirus Outbreak

Published: April 15, 2020

The 8-year-old daughter of a CCS Presentation Systems Southwest employee will have quite the story to tell her classmates about what she did during her time away from her Phoenix-area classroom during the coronavirus outbreak across the U.S. and around the world. [related]

Lindsey Baker, an education consultant for K-12 sales for CI’s 2013 Integrator of the Year, and her daughter Delilah created and delivered 200 face shield frames last week to Banner Health and Honor Health offices in the Phoenix area and will continue making them “as long as there’s a need.”

CCS founder and CEO John Godbout reached out to employees across the country about a month ago asking how they could help people during the COVID-19 pandemic, says Lindsey Baker.

“I knew people were printing masks for this very cause, and I use and train on the 3D printers quite frequently,” she says. “I reached out to MakerBot (CCS’ 3D printing manufacturing partner) to make sure the materials we had would work (printer type and filament).

“They said we could print the mask frames using the Replicator + printer and PLA filament. Medical facilities are sanitizing the plastic face covers, but the frames that they attached to are disposed of every day,” says Lindsey Baker.

Face Shield Frames

Making Face Shield Frames for Pandemic Fight

Baker and her daughter brought two of CCS’ 3D printers home and started making the face shield frames a few weeks ago. They can make about four frames every 90 minutes or so, says Lindsey Baker.

“We start them up at 6 a.m. and end our last print at about 10 p.m.,” she says.  “We sanitize all of the frames and individually bag them to keep all germs out.

“As of now, we plan to keep printing until there is not a need anymore. I actually just spoke to a dentist office that needs them, so we plan to box up about 50 and send them their way,” says Lindsey Baker.

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