Cowboys Stadium Features Suite Installation

Includes Crestron-controlled waterfall, nine TVs and custom close-ups of field.>

Tom LeBlanc
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They can listen to the network coverage of games, their iPod or the stadium feed. Tying in the stadium feed was interesting, Elliston adds. “We had to convert it from the speaker to line level.”

Crestron Automation: Crestron Digital Media and automation is the glue that holds together the suite’s electronics. Elliston works with PanTech Design – which did some ambitious programming elsewhere in Cowboys Stadium – to program its Crestron controllers.

One great feature, Elliston points out, is that PanTech programmed it so the owners can easily set “scenes” with this Crestron controller. For instance, once they have the lights, audio, video, camera and video switching set up the way they like it, they can hold down a button to set and name it as a “Pre-Game” or “Halftime” or “Red Zone.”

Then, pressing the button for that scene immediately switches everything into that mode.

The system includes:

  • Crestron DM 8×8
  • Crestron iPod in-wall docking station
  • Crestron TPMC-8X with in-wall docking station
  • Crestron TPS-6L in wall

Automated Fireplace: The PanTech guys helped program the Crestron automation for easy control of the fireplace. “It’s controlled with IR and it has a flame adjustment on the touchpanel,” Elliston explains.

Waterfall: Believe it or not, Elliston says automating the suite’s waterfall wasn’t tough. “We use a Crestron lighting switch to control the pump. It was very easy.”

Interior Design: One look at the suite (click for photos) and it’s obvious that the owners enlisted an interior designer. As such, Elliston worked with the designer to establish placement of the electronics, especially the TVs.

“It was a smooth process,” he says.

Week-Long Preparation
The process, in general, wasn’t easy. Elliston, who was brought in late in the game, had a tight schedule to get the suite finished in time for the Cowboys’ home opener against the New York Giants.

The general contractor’s work, which included new floors, ceiling and walls, wasn’t complete until about a week prior to the deadline. That left Elliston’s team with seven days to install and button up the system.

“We did get in there beforehand and pre-wire,” says Brit Smart of Elliston Systems & Design. “We also pre-built the rack at the warehouse and tested it. We try to do that with all our projects to avoid delay.”

The owners of the suite couldn’t be happier, Elliston says, who also has reason to be happy. While attending the Cowboys’ game against the Washington Redskins, Elliston got a text from his client. “He told me to come by with my friends and be proud of it.”

As a guest, as opposed to an installer, “the experience was incredible,” he says. “I don’t even know how to describe it.”