Crestron Flex R-Series Puts Unified Communications Anywhere Instantly

Published: June 5, 2020

Crestron today announced its newest addition to the company’s line of unified communications conferencing technology, the Crestron Flex R-Series. [related]

Crestron Flex R-Series is a mobile UC system “that brings collaboration where it’s needed most, closing the distance between remote teams wherever they may be,” according to the company announcement.

“In today’s climate, rooms are radically changing with an exponential demand for meetings that utilize video conferencing,” according to the Crestron announcement.

Crestron’s Flex R-Series is a mobile UC solution “that enables customers to quickly and easily share information and work collaboratively,” the company announcement says.

Crestron Flex R-Series “offers unprecedented versatility by eliminating the costly, time-consuming installation process, allowing organizations to better anticipate the evolving needs of the places people meet,” according to the company announcement.

“The need to share knowledge and work collaboratively is more critical than ever,” said Andrew Gross, Crestron director of sales for UC enterprise, in the company announcement. “Our Crestron Flex R-Series delivers a rapid deployment, social distancing-friendly solution that creates a productive workplace and can be utilized anywhere, quickly and efficiently.

“Beyond deployment, Crestron’s suite of management tools ensure customers can manage more endpoints with the same resources, helping companies tackle the need to rapidly expand their video conferencing footprint,” he said.

Flex R-Series: Collaboration in a Few Steps

Crestron Flex R-Series features optional dual-mode technology based on the Crestron Flex MX architecture. It enables organizations to run native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software, or switch to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mode for all other conferencing software.

The system can be moved, “supporting people wherever they meet, whether in cafeterias, classrooms, manufacturing floors, or in open spaces,” according to the Crestron announcement.

Crestron Flex R-Series includes the following features and options:

  • Intelligent camera with 150° field of vision that autoframes participants, enabling social distancing without compromising experience
  • 360° quad mic array with up to a 20’ range
  • Support for displays from 50” to 60”
  • Retractable Ethernet and power cables for easy connections
  • Support for Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation system, enabling users to share content wirelessly from any device

“With worldwide video conferencing at an all-time high as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Crestron has taken swift measures to create an easy-to-use solution that brings remote collaboration to every space”, said Joseph Sarrasin, director of strategy for unified communications at Crestron.

“Our new Crestron Flex R-Series is reshaping the workplace as we know it, offering customers the ability to organize meetings on demand regardless of location or application,” he said.

Crestron Flex R-Series is “designed for an array of enterprise corporations and businesses globally, as well as in hospitals, medical centers, universities, and manufacturing facilities, among other organizations where social distancing measures are of utmost importance,” the announcement says.

It is available now in seven models.

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