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Published: 2015-04-30

End users are clamoring for unified communications and collaboration. It’s more than an up-and-coming technology; it’s becoming crucial in boardrooms and meeting rooms everywhere, and integrators need to be on top of it.

Commercial Integrator published an interactive eBook to help integrators understand this new acronym, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), the products and solutions available and how to talk to clients about these systems.

It’s a UCC World is an online resource complete with articles, videos, interviews and photos digging into the UCC category, pointing out not just the potential but also some obstacles for integrators to overcome, and hopefully setting you on a path to new revenue.

“Everything has changed and it’s being driven by technology,” says Michael DiBella, Kramer Electronics’ director of collaborative solutions. By not adapting to the change, he says, “You’re putting your revenue at risk.”


What’s Inside the eBook:

  • Case Study: R&D Group Leverages Three-Screen Collaboration
  • Case Study: Walmart Simulates In-Store Experiences
  • 3 Questions with Jupiter’s Brady Bruce
  • UCC Offers Potential and Potholes
  • Matching Collaboration with Your Client
  • Are You Really Doing Collaboration… Really?
  • Latest Product Solutions for UCC

Click here to explore this interactive eBook.

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