Inside Vivid Sydney, World’s Largest Light Festival

Australian firm TDC chooses the best media servers, 3D mapping, and video projection equipment for the famous lighting and projection installation festival in this beautiful city.

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More stunning installations TDC helped create at this year’s Vivid Sydney:

Gamma World

This exhibit incorporates live performance, interaction and visual art. Gamma World combines isometric designs, old school gaming, pop up 3D books and forced perspective using 3D and animation tricks that powerfully takes the viewers on a journey through changing worlds.

“What makes this projection so special this year is that we were able to combine our love of story-telling with the wonderfully inspiring artwork of Jess Johnson to create an abstract, engaging and playful piece of moving art on this iconic building,” says Stella Carmody, Producer at Spinifex Group Sydney.

Urban Tree Project

The CTA building in Martin Place appears to grow out of the ground to become a magnificent living tree within the surrounding urban environment to celebrate and reflect on Sydney’s original green landscape. The exhibit was produced by Design and animation company, Ample Projects.

“Ample designed a complex 3D mapping solution in collaboration with the TDC team,” says Ample Creative Director, Nicholas Tory.

“The shape of the structure was great to work on. We decided that the best solution was to map the projection to the curves of the building using Coolux Pandoras Box Media Servers,” says Pete Lynn, TDC’s Media Server Specialist. “We’re very happy with the results.”

The projections for the Urban Tree Project are synchronized with a stunning laser lighting show (as is also the case with TDC’s projections for the Vivid Aquatique Water Theatre installation).