Key Digital Introduces Updated KD-WP8-2 Wallplate Keypad

Published: February 17, 2023

Key Digital, N.Y.-based developer and manufacturer of digital video processing and video signal-distribution solutions, has updated its popular KD-WP8 keypad. The newly updated KD-WP8-2 is an eight-button web-UI-programmable IP control wallplate keypad that fits into a single-gang wall box and PoE-powered.

“The KD-WP8-2 has a clean, unintimidating appearance and intuitive operation that belies the depth of its capabilities,” says DeWayne Rains, Key Digital’s VP of sales. “With no-code programming, buttons can be set up for the user that let them choose a function or set-up with the touch of a button to trigger a background salvo of commands for source selection and configuration parameter management. The KD-WP8-2 delivers complete simplicity for the operator and the installer, with amazing sophistication — and it’s cost-effective.”

Main Features

The keypad can control any IP-networked Key Digital device, the company notes. Control extends to third-party systems through the Compass Control Pro protocol, user-friendly Open API support or the WP8-2’s now integrated IR output and RS-232 port. The KD-WP8-2 natively sends TCP and UDP commands in ASCII or HEX format for controlling IP-enabled devices. It does so without the need for any additional hardware. Its now-native IR and RS-232 capability can extend to control devices or additional IR. Moreover, users can control RS-232 devices through integration with one or more of Key Digital’s family of master controllers. This then adds additional IR, RS-232 and voltage relay control functionality.

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The KD-WP8-2 programming involves a simple web GUI walkthrough of network settings, button configuration, and event selection. It also features project import and export. This makes it easy to set up multiple control points or duplicate a system. By way of virtual-event keypad access, programmed events are also accessible via different software. These include web UI, free Windows PC KDMS Pro and iOS KD-App software.

Button command stacking allows up to 10 commands on button press and release/repeat, for up to 20 events per button and 160 events total. Users can also set a two-button press combo lock and unlock the keypad. Users can also program buttons for various latching or momentary action modes and red or blue LED backlighting. Key Digital notes that it has provided button cap icon sheets along with a template for custom printing.

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