MSolutions Debuts HDBaseT-Based Switch Module at ISE 2019

Published: 2019-03-07

MSolutions recently debuted its HDBaseT MS-0401 switch module at Integrated Systems Europe [ISE] 2019 in Amsterdam.

“The advanced technology of the switch makes it an easy, cost-effective solution for installers and customers that demand the highest quality electronic equipment in their systems,” according to the company announcement. [related]

“Besides being a unique switch based solely on HDBaseT technology, it is the only full HDBaseT switch that enables standard PoE.”

The MS-0401 switch module “affords high-end quality and performance at an effective cost,” according to the MSolutions press release.

It also “facilitates a wide variety of installation configurations, making it the one switch module for every purpose and any HDBaseT connectivity,” the announcement says.

The MS-0401 switch module joins the family of MSolutions products, including the MS-TestPro HDBaseT tester, which company officials say is “the only tester in the world that can check and validate retransmission functions of HDBaseT Spec. 2.0.”

It’s also one of the only HDBaseT testers in the world that has been recognized by Belden for 2183 cable certification that is needed to acquire their 25-year cable warranty, according to the MSolutions press release, and it measures DC loop resistance, DC resistance unbalance within a pair and DC resistance unbalance between pairs.


Meanwhile, the MSolutions HDBaseT extender for 4K 60 4:4:4 HDR transmissions “actively improves the HDBaseT transmission,” according to the MSolutions press release, which leads to a higher Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) over the HDBaseT line.

With its use, it is possible to extend the transmission range over CAT5e cables (and above) up to 150 meters and the extender supports HDBaseT 5 play elements, including PoE.

“We strive to put the very best equipment and solutions in the hands of all our customers, installers and integrators, collaborating with them and assisting them to get the most out of our unique HDBaseT devices,” said Media Solutions co-founder and CEO Eliran Toren in the company announcement.

“Being able to influence the AV industry, and the HDBaseT market in particular, so deeply is the ultimate proof of being a true innovative company.

“We hope that our new offerings will provide even a higher value for all AV professionals,” said Toren.

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