MSolutions Launches MS-63U1C Extender Set for USB 3.2 Transport

Published: November 9, 2023
Photo courtesy: MSolutions.

MSolutions, the supplier of AV test devices and collaboration solutions, has added the MS-63U1C to its series of USB-C extender sets that is capable of USB 3.2 signal extension over 333 feet. Per a statement, the new model, which ships soon, provides customers with the additional bandwidth required for reliable transport of USB Type C supporting USB 3.2 with zero latency inside meeting and learning spaces.

The MS-63U1C extender set, which includes a Host and Device, offers a base capacity of 5Gb/s bandwidth for USB 3.1 transport, says MSolutions. They also come with an option for 10Gb/s transport of USB 3.2 signals. The devices provide a cleaner alternative to bulky active cables for the reliable transport of signals acquired from very high-resolution cameras, as well as recording devices used for lecture capture purposes.

Main Highlights

“Our latest extender set supplies customers with the higher data transfer rates they need to reliably stream high-resolution video inside collaborative spaces, and also onto UC platforms for remote audiences,” says Eliran Toren, CEO of MSolutions. “This opens more opportunities to move higher bandwidth content between sources and destinations without having to rely on active cables that are often hard to pull. We are offering our customers a clean solution with MSolutions’ renowned compact form factor that supports all USB transfer types with a path to USB 3.2 whether needed today or in the future.”

Per a statement, the MS-63U1C can cleanly support multiple USB bandwidth consumers without interrupting each other. It also includes isochronous transfers for very high-data volumes associated with streaming media applications alongside lower volume data transfer needs, including KVM connections. The MS-63U1C is fully backward compatible with USB 2.0 and lower, the company adds.

MSolutions CTO Ariel Marcus states that the higher bandwidth capabilities of the MS-63U1C also opens the solution to installation environments beyond corporate and education. “We see a lot of opportunity in the government and military sectors for secure and reliable transfer of sensitive video and content,” he says. “The MS-63U1C is not susceptible to outside intrusion; making it perfectly safe and secure for use inside government facilities and on military bases.”

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