Neutrik Expands Range of Sealing Covers

Published: 2022-10-19

Neutrik, Charlotte, N.C.-based provider of professional AVL connectivity solutions, announced new sealing covers for many of its most popular connector products. Per the company, the new sealing covers provide significant protection to connectors in the unmated condition.

They feature user-friendly operation, as well as the ability for cable connector covers to be mounted onto already assembled cables. They also have an IP65 rating to ensure water and dust proof protection. Additionally, they use UV-resistant material for harsh outdoor environments.

Features of New Sealing Covers

The new SCNAC-01 and SCNAC-02 sealing covers are for use with NEUTRIK powerCON 20 A and powerCON TRUE1 TOP chassis connectors. These D-size covers have labels for ‘power in’ and ‘power out’ respectively. Similarly, the new SCNAC-03 and SCNAC-04 sealing covers provide weather resistance for powerCON TRUE1 TOP output and duplex chassis connectors.

These new products incorporate a smaller outer frame size than the prior (and still current) SCNAC-FPX, SCNAC-MPX, and SCNAC-PX covers. Additionally, compared to prior products, the new sealing covers no longer require metal spacing rings at the fastening screwholes. These attributes enable both higher packing densities and faster assembly.

NEUTRIK has also introduced new cable connector sealing covers for the company’s powerCON TRUE1 TOP, TOP XLR, and TOP etherCON product lines. The new SCNAC-FX and SCNAC-MX sealing covers offer IP65 and UV resistant sealing for powerCON TRUE1 TOP cable connectors. This makes them particularly beneficial for use in outdoor environments. SCFX-TOP offers similar sealing for female TOP XLR cable connectors. Meanwhile, SCMX-TOP offers sealing for male TOP XLR cable connectors and TOP etherCON cable connector carriers.

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Fred Morgenstern, VP Technology of Neutrik Americas, comments, “These new sealing covers are useful accessories for protecting chassis and cable connectors in the unmated condition. The ability to retrofit existing cable assemblies with protection caps is especially valuable. Furthermore, customers are likely to be pleased by the thinner flanges of the new chassis protection products which allow increased connector packing density on panels.”

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