PPDS Fuels Content for Oracle Red Bull Racing Marketing Team

Published: March 11, 2024
Photo courtesy: Bees Buzz PR/PPDS.

PPDS, global provider of Philips Professional Displays, installed 13 Philips interactive displays at Oracle Red Bull Racing’s renovated MK-7 marketing team offices in Milton Keynes, U.K., sending team collaboration and creative capability into overdrive.

Signaling the latest evolution of an ever-deepening partnership with the reigning Formula One World Championship Team — for which PPDS has been an official Team Supplier since 2022 — this exciting new project continued Oracle Red Bull Racing’s relentless focus on leading from the front both on and off the track and adhering to its internal motto: ‘to win and to do it differently.’

In the fast-paced world of F1 racing, standing still is not an option, and teamwork is essential. With a proud track record of supporting ORBR with a range of custom-built solutions, PPDS emerged as the standout partner of choice to revolutionize the way its marketing teams communicate and collaborate, helping to drive new ideas and inspire greater project outcomes.

Following detailed discussions covering the ORBR marketing teams’ needs and ambitions for today and into the future, a fleet of 10 Philips Collaboration C-Line displays (65 inches to 86 inches) — based on the Windows (8000 Series) and Android (6000 Series) OS — were integrated into the marketing team’s management offices, meeting rooms and shared spaces, such as the ‘Break Out Zone’ and ‘Energy Lounge.’

According to PPDS, the Philips Collaboration C-Line displays have proven themselves an instant game changer for the Oracle Red Bull Racing marketing team. Here, it transformed each space into a hive of activity, bringing new energy and enhanced productivity. It also ensured new collaborative working capabilities.

Bringing Teams Together

PPDS installation of displays at Oracle Red Bull Racing office.

Photo courtesy: Bees Buzz PR/PPDS.

The Philips Collaboration C-Line displays provide the marketing team with advanced and seamless wireless sharing capabilities, with up to 64 devices (people) able to simultaneously connect to the screen, for quick content switching between participants in the room as well as remotely.

Combining multi-touch technology with the Philips Collaboration displays’ whiteboard mode, users can write and draw directly on the screen, either by hand or with dedicated markers. Here, all actions are also streamed back to all connected devices for easy file sharing. The whiteboard achieves all of this with near-zero latency for more natural user experiences.

High-Impact Performance

Complementing the Philips Collaboration displays, two imposing 98-inch Philips Signage 4000 Series D-Line displays have been installed side by side in the marketing team’s ‘Paddock’ area, which features grandstand seating, with a single 86-inch model, installed in the Oracle Suite. Each helps provide a variety of functions, including live coverage of track action and other associated events; delivering important team news, results; and other energizing content to the team.

One of PPDS’ most flexible and versatile Android SoC displays to date, the Philips Signage 4000 Series ensures all content is delivered with power and precision. It is also fine-tuned to ensure specific color and contrast guidelines for ORBR are achieved at all times, says PPDS.

For maximum versatility, the team also benefits from the Philips 4000 Series’ QuadViewer feature, transforming single displays into stylishly framed 2×2 videowalls with no interior bezels. Marketing teams can connect and play content from up to four independent sources simultaneously on the same screen, a great solution when multiple feeds need to be visible. This includes broadcasting qualifying sessions or the race itself.

Editor’s note: Video courtesy of PPDS.

A Game Changer

Discussing the project, Olly Hughes, chief marketing officer at Oracle Red Bull Racing, comments, “We looked at several vendors, but PPDS and Philips Professional Displays were the ones that had the best product to answer what we were looking for.”

Hughes adds, “Getting the marketing teams together, working on content collaboratively, viewing it in sharp, bold contrast, on quality displays is really important. These Philips Professional Displays are a game changer and the perfect solution for our marketing office environment.”

PPDS installation project for ORBR offices.

Photo courtesy: Bees Buzz PR/PPDS.

Tim de Ruiter, business development director at PPDS, remarks, “In the fast-paced world of F1 racing, there’s simply no substitute for teamwork. Technology, whether for building vehicles or creating inspirational and highly innovative marketing campaigns, plays a crucial role in achieving goals and ambitions. After meeting with the marketing team at MK-7, it was clear that bringing each team within the busy department together and providing them with the tools to collaborate on projects, share ideas and, crucially, celebrate their successes, was a key focus.”

He continues, “It was a challenge we were happy to accept, and we are proud of the impact these state-of-the-art Philips Professional Displays, designed to meet the highest levels of demand, such as in F1, have already made in short space of time. We look forward to continuing to partner with Oracle Red Bull Racing, supporting them as they edge even further ahead of their competitors.”

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