Qube Cinema QubeCast Facilitates Movie Distribution

Published: April 2, 2014

For years Hollywood has been trying to combat pirating, and its efforts include all levels of movie and content distribution.

The Skinny: Qube Cinema, a manufacturer of digital cinema and mastering products and technologies, is set to show the broadcast community its new QubeCast solution that facilitates the safe and secure transmission of content via broadband and satellite at the NAB Show.

The Specs: QubeCast incorporates Qualcomm’s RatorQ Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology that helps to support its to deliver an efficient and reliable means of distribution and status monitoring.

Explaining the product in greater detail, Senthil Kumar, co-founder of Qube Cinema, points out users can receive DCP (digital cinema package) content from studios via a secure satellite upload. With the product’s user interface (UI), the transmissions can be monitored remotely to ensure safe delivery.

“Multicasting through one-way channels eliminates the need for a lot of feedback from client servers about the data they receive,” says Kumar. “This reduces costs and allows transmission to a large number of theaters simultaneously. In fact, QubeCast is already deployed on Cube Cinema’s network of over 1,600 cinemas throughout India [with] many in remote locations with no Internet connection.”

QubeCast is available in a choice of versions. The 1RU mounted device functions with all theater management systems to serve any number of screens at a site. QubeCast’s software can also reside on a group server at a theater chain to reduce a theater chain’s commitment to hardware.

Solutions: QubeCast from Cube Cinema is designed for use in commercial theaters.

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