Quosal Unveils Integrated Personal Video Feature to Flagship Software

Published: June 1, 2015

Quosal recently announced its release of a new product innovation that allows users to record a personal video for their quotes and proposals, giving an individual touch to the Order Porter, Quosal’s proprietary purchasing experience.

The new feature allows sales reps to fully explain their quote to their clients, while providing a personal tone to a typically impersonal process.

Quosal’s new video feature allows users to insert a video into their quotes or proposals to explain more about the quote or the product, or include a personal message from the sales representative.

During the quote creation process, users can record a personal video that can be posted directly to the Order Porter delivered to clients, allowing partners to make the video without leaving the application. Quosal’s innovative and easy to use video feature allows users to navigate the impersonal digital world and connect with customers on a personal level.

Here’s more about Quosal’s integrated personal video feature:

“At Quosal, we believe that innovation is a constant journey and are always looking to find new technologies to enhance the user and client experience,” said Kent McNall, CEO of Quosal, “There is no reason businesses can’t use technology to accelerate their sales cycle and maintain a one-on-one relationship with their customers. With our new platform, we’re providing our customers with the ability to use a customized and direct messaging platform to streamline communications while retaining the personalized touch customers enjoy.”

Dedicated to being on the forefront of innovation, Quosal is always looking to find new technologies to enhance the user and client experience. The new personal video offering is an example of how Quosal is constantly working to make it easier for sales representatives to sell more and for clients to say yes.

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