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Published: September 16, 2016

So many conference calls begin with ridiculousness.

Small groups huddle around one smartphone. Or everybody waits while one person tries to figure out how to connect.

Conference calls needn’t be so complicated and archaic.

Revolabs is targeting today’s huddle rooms and small-group style unified communications with its YVC-300 portable USB and Bluetooth conference phone from Yamaha.

First, the YVC-300 is a versatile conference phone delivering ample, clear sound to ad hoc meeting areas such as open collaboration and touchdown spaces, according to a Revolabs press release.

Designed for groups of four to six people and with portability in mind, the YVC-300 targets organizations that want to offer high-quality group communication solutions without the cost of dedicated equipment for every conference room or open collaboration space.

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The USB connection is simple. Users can borrow a device from an available supply, connect it to their PC-based audio, video and web conferencing client via USB connection and return it at the end of the meeting.

Then there’s the smartphone connection. The YVC-300 turns smartphones and tablets into conference phones by acting as the microphone and speaker when connected by Bluetooth, including fast-pairing for NFC-enabled devices.

“As huddle rooms and other small meeting space environments continue to proliferate, organizations need collaboration solutions that fit how these rooms are used,” says Rob Claus, director of global channel sales at Revolabs.

“The YVC-300 is designed to provide these spaces with an affordable, flexible, and high-quality audio conferencing solution optimized for portability. With simple connection to any conferencing client, the YVC-300 ensures an amazing audio experience anywhere it’s deployed.”

More from the press release:

Analog audio input and output terminals allow the phone to connect easily to videoconferencing systems. Calls placed simultaneously over any of the connection interfaces are bridged into a single call. Equipped with Yamaha’s leading sound processing technologies — including adaptive echo cancellation, background noise reduction, and human voice activity detection — the YVC-300 ensures clear, stress-free audio for every meeting.

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