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Visionary Solutions’ H.264 HD Encoders Transforms Live Video into IP Streams

Distributed by BTX Technologies, Visionary Solutions' M400 Series is aimed at houses of worship, K-12 and markets where


How To Keep Integration Industry From Being Hacked

Nicholas Webb tells NSCA Business and Leadership attendees: systems integration is out and value integration is in.


That Employee Playing Candy Crush Might Be Creating Your Next Profit Center

App and software development may be keys to better management of service contracts and new customer solutions. So


3 Ways to Increase Business Value and Owner Equity Before It’s Time to Sell

You're not thinking about retirement yet, or maybe you are, but either way you want to make sure


Why #DaytonaRising Should Be Trending After Daytona 500

NASCAR's rebuilt Daytona 500 venue -- known as Daytona Rising -- is a technological marvel with truly massive


A Dangerous Precedent: What Apple’s Standoff with FBI Will Mean 10 Years From Now

On Tuesday, a judge ordered Apple to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone belonging to one of


Crestron’s Big News at ISE: Fusion Cloud Software & PinPoint App Integration

Schedule meetings based on room size, equipment needed, previously starred rooms and proximity to users with Crestron Fusion


Inside a Mega-Merger: How and Why $215M Diversified Acquired $180M Technical Innovation

The goal wasn't to create a behemoth firm rivaling AVI-SPL, but it leverages each firm's market strengths and


Oblong’s European Debut of Mezzanine 3 Brings 4K and Robust Data Sharing

At ISE 2016, Oblong shows Mezzanine 3's flexible use of displays, variable display considerations, improved layout tools and


Digital Signage Content Creation: The AV Integrator’s Missed Opportunity

It's easy to work around the concept of selling boxes, but it's enormously more profitable to be able

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