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Hall Technologies Adds Line of Speakers For Education and Meeting Environments

Hall Technologies has added in-ceiling and surface mount speaker to complement its product portfolio for one-stop shopping.

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Hall Technologies, the Coppell, Texas-headquartered AV company specializing in end-to-end solutions, has added a line of in-ceiling and surface mount speakers to complement its end-to-end solutions. According to to Hall Technologies, the new speakers offer excellent sound coverage, versatility and convenience for education and meeting environments, in a powerful and stylish design.

“We design and offer many purpose-built solutions. Many of them already include built-in and external audio amplifiers, so adding a line of speakers makes sense, and is a complimentary addition to our product portfolio. It’s also a tremendous value for clients, as it positions Hall as a one-stop shop for all their commercial AV needs. If you’re a tech manager or AV integrator, we’ve made it simple to equip a classroom or corporate meeting room with cameras, speakers and a multitude of other products needed for great collaboration and connectivity,” says Ken Eagle, vice president of technology at Hall Technologies.

SPK-OW6 is a surface mount, 40-watt loudspeaker that includes taps for 8 ohm, 100-volt and 70-volt audio solutions and comes in a white finish. Hall has an in-ceiling speaker as well. The SPK-IC6 is a fire rated 40 watt in-ceiling speaker with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch graphite cone driver with rubber surround. The SPK-IC6 includes taps for 8 ohm, 100-volt and 70-volt audio solutions and comes in a plenum fire rated back box.

Both are in stock now and ready to ship. For previous coverage of Hall Technologies, visit our site archives.